Saturday, September 4, 2010

Thoughts of a Mother

Most of us are familiar with the book/movie The Color Purple by Alice Walker. It is that familiarity that led me to buy another of her books entitled Anything We Love Can Be Saved. This is a collection of different articles, essays and stories that Alice had written over the years. They are mostly about the things she advocates for and feels passionate about.

Although I don't agree with many of Alice Walker's beliefs and actions, (I don't think I can leave my kids for days and months at a time to pursue my passions), I do appreciate her ability to transfer her thoughts in beautifully composed words. One of the passages I highlighted goes:

"However, what is more important is that we remember that wars are fought not against leaders only but against the people, who may or many not even like the leader. And that children are the most devastated victims."

Thus, it is with sadness that I read an article recently, written by her daughter, Rebecca, about the rift the two of them have. The piece, entitled "How my mother's fanatical views tore us apart" can be found here. Rebecca had verbalized what I have been thinking as I was reading Alice's book. Her mother does have some rather fanatical views and it is very regrettable how those views seemed to have prevented Alice from thoroughly enjoying what many women hold dear and true -- family.

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