Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Space Savers I Want to Have

A friend of mine sent me an email filled with great pictures of innovative products. I wish I can find some of them in a local store so I can use them at home. Here are my top picks:

Someday, I dream of having my own sitting room cum library. 
This would be perfect there.

My husband would probably flip if I buy one of these :p

I want to buy several of these for my kids' numerous gadgets!

Ooooh, this is so practical! 
Will probably lessen tripping on power cords!

Now, this one, I want as my bookshelf!

Imagine having this in your living room. Cool!

This would be great in my kids' room :)

1 comment:

Koi Mejia said...

Hey Ruth! Koi here :)

The charger accessory is very functional and I really think I could use one of those. My phones usually get destroyed because I trip on the charger wire and the phone drops to the floor. haha. You know where we could get them?

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