Saturday, November 5, 2016

SWISH Breath Spray Gives Tips on Millennial Love and Maneuvering Through Swipe Rights and Charms

This post may be dedicated to millennials but those beyond that age range could still definitely pick up tips, too! Read on, single people … 😉

Press Release:

Dating apps have made it easier for us to find (and reject) people in a few seconds. How do you pump up the dating scene with you-never-know connections? 

Who you are online isn’t always an accurate depiction of who you actually are—or is it? Admit it, most of us post our best selfies and try are hardest to be so swipe-able that we sometimes neglect to show who we really are. Swish gets how much you want to pump up the confidence and level up in your dating game, so it got relationship coach Aileen Santos to reveal what it takes to make millennial love work IRL (in real life, for those who don't get it). 

Aileen Santos
1. Choose your photo carefully. There’s more to finding the profile photo than the one where you look hot. Aileen suggests, “Don’t use your resume or passport photo. Think inviting, friendly, and warm. Make sure you’re smiling and looking smart. Choose one that you’re making eye contact with the camera. You can show shape, but not skin, unless that’s the message that you want to send.” 

2. Create a profile that’s full of conversation starters. To avoid the annoying “What brings you here” or “How are you?” messages, make a profile that can spark a conversation. Aileen says, “This person wants to get to know you, so they want to know what you would possibly talk about on a date. So, put in there what you’re passionate about—limit it to three things. And not just a list; give a bit more detail. Like rather than, ‘I love dogs,’ you can say, ‘I love dogs—I have a poodle, a Chihuahua, and I adopted an askal last month.’” 

3. Look for common friends, and ask for a referral from them. Just like the good ol’ blind date, some of the most successful matches come from having friends in common. It also shows that perhaps you’re on the same wavelength, and you can ask your friend firsthand how the guy is like. Aileen says, “For people you only meet online, having mutual friends is actually good, because you have someone to vouch for this person, and you know that person won’t do anything because your friends know about your possible date.”  

4. Stay safe. Even if all those things come into play—you have mutual friends, your conversations are as sincere and deep as you want, and your profile is attractive but safe enough, remember to not talk about things that could cause harm to either you or your family or loved ones. Don’t reveal where you live, the specific company where you work, or the places you always go to. Talk about your passions to check out if you have anything in common, but not things that can either put you in harm’s way, just in case he turns out to be a stalker. 

If you’re meeting for the first time in person, remember that he’s still a complete stranger. When you finally agree to meet IRL, keep in mind that you guys are still strangers, no matter how long you’ve been talking online. To save you from the face-to-face jitters, ready the works—comfy outfit, sweet perfume, clean teeth, and fresh breath (a SWISH breath spray can come in handy for insta-freshness and a pump of confidence). When you have all those bases covered, you can concentrate on enjoying the conversation and actually getting to know your date. You can still talk about the same things you talked about online, but it’s better to keep the meet up short, during the daytime, and without alcohol, so that you can enjoy the date while still thinking clearly.  

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