Monday, July 7, 2014

Help Save Lives! Support Aid Couture Happening this August 2-3, 2014!

This is a good and very sensible cause! Please support!

Press Release:

Due to the success and support received during the first round of the fund raising event, Aid Couture, in November last year, the Philippines Red Cross, in partnership with Procter & Gamble Philippines, will be staging a bigger and better second run to help save more lives.

Every year, donors all over the country and the world donate piles and piles of clothes to the Philippine Red Cross. However, a good number of these donations are too extravagant/fashionable and may not be appropriate for donation to victims – victims who have lost so much in calamities and the simultaneous monsoon rains. Aid Couture is a fashion show and clothing sale event that aims to turn these designer/branded clothes into funds for Red Cross. These clothes will be washed, dried, styled and sold to the public via a two-day selling event. Proceeds from each item sold will be converted to first aid kids, food supplies, blankets, stretchers, etc for use in times of calamity and natural disasters.
Aid Couture will have its second run this August 2-3 at the Glorietta and Market! Market! Activity Center. The venue will be converted to a unique selling stage where we will showcase and sell handpicked clothes, styled by some of the country’s most fashionable stylists. Our partner celebrities and endorsers will also donate several of the clothes there.
Having said this, we would like to invite you to be part of this worthwhile cause through any of the following ways:
1.  Donation in the form of usable, resaleable, pre-loved and/or out-of-season clothes that we can wash, style and sell during the event.
2.  Encourage others to participate in the event by posting about your personal donations.
3.  Help call Filipinos to action and to take part in this noteworth cause by using any form of social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instragram, Blogs, etc) to encourage others to donate, to buy and/or to attend the event.
4.  Live and actual participation on the dates of the event itself.

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