Thursday, March 31, 2016

Why Investing in Beauty is the First Step to Success

I agree with this article. One should solely trust medical experts when it comes to investing in beauty treatments. Anything less might end up in disastrous results. So make sure to consult only dermatologists who are members of PDS! 

Press Release:

Investing requires the right timing, management, and strategic planning. Still, investing remains risky for some. 

What if there’s an investment where you never lose, an investment that gives you more than an ROI, an investment that gives you the power to become better and achieve greater. Would you take the risk? 

Investing in Beauty is a bet you can’t lose, not when your end goal is Success. You’ve hustled and you’ve hustled hard, now that you’re on your way to the top all eyes will be focused on you---leaving no room for mistakes. Not even a blemish.

You’ve invested in your education, experience, shoes, bags, and everything that make up your power look. The next step, earning the power and confidence to face and shape any situation the real world gives you---and only real experts understand this. 

That’s why Philippine Dermatological Society, the Real Beauty Expert recently launched its newest campaign that supports and empowers the go getters of today. 

Philippine Dermatological Society is the only specialty society for dermatology accredited and recognized by the Philippine College of Physicians (PCP) and the Philippine Medical Association (PMA) making them Real Experts in Beauty

Unlike other beauty institutions, PDS doctors undergo three years of training in PDS accredited hospitals making them skin, hair, and nail experts. Aside from knowledge, PDS doctors are also well-quipped with the technology and skill to make everyone beautiful from the face to the body. Only Real Beauty Experts can give the best care and treatment when it comes to key issues and concerns of women such as wrinkles and sagging skin, pigmentation, and body and face contouring. With the message #BeautyIsPower, PDS assures to give you nothing but the best expert care as you make your way to success. 

Investing in beauty makes a huge difference in your life, personally and professionally. It shapes the way you interact with others and it reflects the opinion you have of yourself. Success is decided by how much you’re willing to invest in yourself, so go ahead, take the leverage of Beauty, invest now, trust  PDS, the #DermAuthority

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