Friday, August 28, 2015

Shakey’s Among the Most Loved Brands in Asia

Congratulations Shakey's! :)

Press Release:

When Shakey’s opened its first branch 40 years ago, there was little expectation outside of the opening of a restaurant for a delicious pizza that could warm the stomach as much as it would warm the heart. Many decades and numerous branches later, the brand has established itself as a comforting and cherished place where regulars enjoy gathering with family and friends. To the Shakey’s Guest, the restaurant is a home away from home and a place where one can count on having a good time over a good meal. 

As a timely addition to celebrating 40 years of success in the local food industry, Shakey’s is proud to announce that it has been voted one of Asia’s Top 1000 brands, placing 58th in the Philippines, as the results of a survey developed by Campaign Asia-Pacific in partnership with global information and insights provider Nielsen.

There’s no doubt that the success of Shakey’s is due to its ability to maintain the brand’s identity while continuously reinventing itself by updating its menu and its restaurant services through the years. As a restaurant with inviting interiors, friendly staff, and a dependable menu, Shakey’s has managed to maintain itself as a favorite in the food industry without compromising what it is about Shakey’s that its loyal fans truly love. 

All-time Shakey’s menu favourites include their mouth-watering Thin-Crust Pizza and their awesome twosome Chicken ’N’ Mojos, which are items on the menu that Guests cannot help but order again and again during each visit. But to keep things interesting and exciting, Shakey’s has made notable menu inclusions, such as the recently introduced Spiced Chicken ’N’ Mojos as well as the new Shakey’s Mojito and Frozen Margarita cocktails for selected stores. These new additions are likely to become Shakey’s menu favourites in their own time, and that is precisely the reason Shakey’s has lasted as long as it has. 

After 40 years of celebrating good times and good food with Shakey’s, one can only guess what the Filipino’s favorite pizza restaurant is going to cook up for us next. 

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