Wednesday, October 23, 2013

No Tricks Just Healthy Halloween Treats from Dole

Moms and Dads! Check out these great healthy food ideas for Halloween!

Press Release:

Halloween is just around the corner and once again we see kids dressed up as their favourite scary characters or pop culture idols. With all the costumes, parties, and food, Halloween is definitely one of the most enjoyable holidays.

For parents and fitness buffs, however, Halloween is surely a scary time with all the junk food, chocolates, and candies. For those thinking it’s impossible to celebrate a healthy Halloween without sacrificing fun and colour, Dole provides a refreshing option.

In exchange of candies and sweets, go for the  road less travelled and give out fruit bowls to the little trick-or-treaters roaming around the village. The parents of these little ghouls, witches, and pumpkins can be rest assured knowing that their kids aren’t eating junk. There are certainly no tricks here as Dole fruit bowls are a good source of Vitamin C. These healthy snacks are perfect for growing kids (and kids at heart) as all variants are made with real fruit.

Another fun idea for a healthy Halloween celebration is incorporating fruits and juices to the usual party snacks and drinks. This does not only add nutrition points, it also adds an unexpected zing to the buffet table. Make celebrations fun by decorating these munchies with other colourful fruits from Dole Tropical Fruit Cocktails to Pineapple Slices and Tidbits.

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