Friday, October 22, 2010

Book Launch: Latest Book of Fr. James B. Reuter

Press Release:

Father James B. Reuter, S.J., teacher, award-winning dramatist, columnist, best-selling author and devout Marian devotee releases the second of the best-selling series MAMA MARY on the Feast Day of the Holy Rosary. The book is a compilation of forty-one stories; real-life miracles that show how the Blessed Mother Mary has touched the lives of Filipinos. The stories show that Mama Mary has blessed people of different gender, age and circumstance. The common denominator in all the accounts is an unwavering faith and a devotion to Her.

The book also hows how an American Priest like Father Reuter has formed a deep bond with his Filipino friends and colleagues because of a common devotion to the Blessed Mother. He explains thus, “(When) I became a Jesuit, and a missionary, (and) I came to the Philippines, I thought I was coming to give. But I was not. The Filipinos gave to me. From them I learned how natural it was for them to love God, by loving each other. What I discovered when I came to the Philippines was that the Filipinos do not need missionaries. I did. And so I am deeply grateful to God for sending me here. I did not choose Him. He chose me.”

Although Father Reuter is 94 years old and is practically bed-ridden, many friends and supporters have come to his aid in completing this book. He is assisted by his two editors Ma. Rowena Juan Matti and Cherry Castro Aquino, and Sister Mary Sarah Manapol of the Congregation of the Sisters of St. Paul de Chartres who wrote the Introduction. The book will soon be available in all National Book Store and Powerbooks branches and will be launched at the St. Paul University chapel in Quezon City on October 24, 3p.m.

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